Newseum! and VOA

One of the things I’ve really been looking forward to this entire time was the Newseum in D.C. and it was definitely worth the trip. Again, we “only” got the regular admission, no tour, no extras, but with a group of 20 you are probably better off exploring the parts of the museum that interest you most alone, anyway. Exhibits include sections on the Berlin Wall, Pulitzer Prize Photographs, the history of news from its very beginning to the present day (including many original newsletters, books and newspapers), the 9/11 coverage, First Amendment rights, press freedom around the world, and a big interactive section on how to make news. They also have a TV studio there from where they broadcast the show “This Week with Christine Amanpour” live each Sunday.

The Newseum from the outside and a piece of the Berlin Wall (supposedly the largest one outside of Germany)

Collection of front pages covering the September 11 attacks as a background to the radio antenna from one of the Twin Towers.

Press freedom around the world and the Knight Studio where they shoot “This Week.” Obama and I were in the same room! (just not at the same time).

Did I mention they bought us tickets for the Trolley Tour? Well, they did, so I went on the Cathedral-Georgetown loop before we had a tour of Voice of America in the afternoon.

The tour of Voice of America was quite interesting, only it would probably have made more sense to a) have a more thorough discussion and b) to have the discussion after the tour, not beforehand. Anyway, the U.S. Government spends an awful lot of money to broadcast news in places all around the world. They currently air radio and TV programs in 44 different languages and their Persian division (covering the middle east) currently employs some 200 people.

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  1. Glad you found the VOA tour interesting. If you or your group have any lingering questions about what we do, let me know and I can try to answer them (or at least find the right person here who could answer them). Sounds like you all are getting to do a lot of great things in DC – hope you enjoy the rest of your visit!

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