Why Washington Is a Great City

I’m not quite sure yet if Washington wins the race but it is definitely shortlisted in my personal “favorite city of the US” ranking. And here is why (and the order is not hierarchical):

  • It makes sense, seems very inviting, and has a fairly clear structure.
  • It is a walking city and you easily walk a couple of miles without even realizing it.
  • There are wide sidewalks.
  • There is a coffeeshop on every corner (true!).
  • There are tons of things to see and do; great museums, monuments, buildings, theaters, shops, etc.
  • All the Smithsonian museums are free.
  • It is clean.
  • It is very international.
  • It appears to be very safe.
  • There is public transport.
  • People have picknicks, play ballgames, and promenade in the National Mall / Monument area; it’s incredibly lively there in the late afternoon / early evening.
  • There are many green spots and a huge park (and the zoo) right in the city.
  • The First Family lives here. (Is that a reason? Well, at least it sounds … important. By the way, a couple of days ago the roads were blocked temporarily and a police convoy passed by. Someone said it may be Michelle coming back from her holiday in Spain. Who knows, but that’s the downside of living in the city: streets are cleared quite often for convoys and police escorts)
  • The Library of Congress (boy, they really have everything!!)
  • Cupcakes (sweet but – wow!)
  • U Street with lots of bars and restaurants and a very international cuisine
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